Upcoming Events:

During this COVID-19 pandemic, all of our Bible studies, exercise classes, and other meetings are on hold until April 15th (as of this posting). Our Facebook page has the latest updates. 

The Flower Committee has a flower calendar for

flowers decorating the sanctuary and would like to have

participation from the entire church family.

Please consider placing flowers in the sanctuary in memory of

or in honor of friends or loved ones--on birthdays,

anniversaries, or “just because…”

If you have specific dates that might be memorable to your family, please contact the church to leave a message for someone to contact you about this and to reserve your special Sunday(s).


If inclement weather necessitates a change to our services,

an announcement will be given to WSET-TV, Lynchburg, VA

You may also request that your name and phone number be included in our 

automatic calling system for announcements (robocall.)