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Our Mission

The mission of Grace Hills Baptist Church is to CONNECT with God, CARE for one another, ENGAGE the world, and GROW in Christ.

This mission is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ exemplified in the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20)

Our Shared Values

The congregation of Grace Hills Baptist Church holds the following common values:

Centrality of worship: Worshipping God in a communal manner is the center of the church’s common life, particularly through the observance of baptism and the Lord’s Supper and the public study of the Scriptures.

Value of fellowship: A common relationship with Jesus draws the members of Grace Hills together in mutual support and effort for the kingdom of God.

Importance of mission: Christ’s call to bear witness to his kingdom and his Father leads Grace Hills to engage in mission and outreach in the community and around the world, particularly through works of service in Appomattox.

Commitment to discipleship: Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, all Christians are called into a life-long process of discipleship, becoming like Jesus in word, thought, and deed.

Equality and shared responsibility: All members of Grace Hills are equally capable of and share responsibility for service in the kingdom of God, according to their God-given gifts.

Theological education and spiritual development: Growing in Christian discipleship and imitation of Jesus requires effort and commitment to learning through both knowledge and practice.

Valuing diversity of thought: Grace Hills recognizes and celebrates that those who are part of our church come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a variety of perspectives on God, the Bible, and the work of the church.

The church also affirms historic Baptist values, including centrality of Christ, authority of the Holy Scriptures, priesthood of all believers, soul competency, autonomy of the local church, believer's baptism, and religious liberty.

Our Ministry Partners

As an autonomous church, Grace Hills is subject to no other organization or church body. However, we have chosen to partner with the following groups:

Baptist General Association of Virginia (

Appomattox Baptist Association (