Each week at Grace Hills, we hear a message proclaiming the Good News of God's Kingdom and of God's covenant relationship with his people. Some recent sermons are found below.

12/29/2019      Thank God for Egypt!                                   Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

12/22/2019      The Practices of Advent: Receiving               Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

12/15/2019      The Practices of Advent: Reassuring             Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

12/8/2019        The Practices of Advent: Repenting              Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

12/1/2019        The Practices of Advent: Readying                Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

11/24/2019      The "Loser" King                                           Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

11/17/2019      Holy Paradoxes: Grace & Truth                     Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

11/10/2019      Holy Paradoxes: Faith & Works                     Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

11/3/2019        Holy Paradoxes: Individual & Community      Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

10/27/2019      Holy Paradoxes: Providence & Freedom        Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

10/20/2019      Resident Aliens                                            Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

10/13/2019      A Perfect Question & Answer...Right?           Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

10/6/2019        The Yeast of the Church                              Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

9/29/2019        The Future is Now - So Now What?               Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

9/22/2019        Renewing Our Vows                                     Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

9/15/2019        A Sending and Supporting Church                 Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

9/8/2019          Modern Family                                            Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

9/1/2019          All in the Family                                         Rev. Dr. Adam Tyler

Due to a technical difficulty, the Lenten sermons for March 3, 2019 and April 7, 2019 were not recorded. These sermons are available to read here.

Due to a technical difficulty, the Epiphany sermon for February 3, 2019, was not recorded. The sermon is available to read here.

Archived sermons can be found here and here.